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Lorde Instagram Story About Acne

Lorde Wants You to Know That It's Not OK to Say These Things to People Who Have Acne

Whether you're into celebrity news or not, there is always a sense of relief knowing that famous people suffer from the same problems we "normal" folk do. Recently, celebrities have been openly discussing their struggles with medical conditions, like Lena Dunhan speaking about her endometriosis and Gigi Hadid discussing Hashimoto's disease. Other celebrities, like Kendall Jenner, have spoken out about what it's like to suffer from acne. Now celeb and all-round relatable woman Lorde has taken to Instagram to discuss what annoys her the most about people's input into her skin issues.

Lorde took to Instagram to share her current acne struggle and gave us all the pep talk we need. The singer was seen to be holding a blue and red LED light (which she called "acne light with magical tones" — accurate), a device used to help kill bacteria in the skin and reduce inflammation.

She began by saying "for real though, acne sucks. You know what also sucks? When you've had acne for years and years and years. Tried all the drugs, done all the things, and people are still like "you know what worked for me?" Moisturizing." She then joked about all the other suggestions she's had including making a mask out of honey, Greek yogurt and avocado, apricot scrub, and coconut oil. But she says that "the very worst one of course is when people think you're just dirty. 'Do you wash your face', yes I wash my face, I'm just genetically cursed." We love Lorde for her hilarious and relatable nature, but also how damn true this is.

Celebrities and influencers sharing their acne stories is so important for many people's well-being. It's comforting to know that these issues affect everyone, and it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with one individual. Lorde ends her real talk by saying "for anyone out there who's got bad skin . . . I feel your pain, we'll get there, we will. I promise."

The moral of the story here is that you are normal if you have acne, your favorite celebrities struggle too, and not everyone's acne journey will be the same. Sharing personal stories can help other people's confidence, and sharing treatment options might help others cope with their skin conditions. Those of us lucky enough not to suffer from acne should all remember that those who do have probably tried everything in the book, and their chosen treatment (or choosing not to try and treat it anymore) is entirely up to them.

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz
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