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Lush Cosmetics Mouthwash Tablets

Lush's Newest Product Is Basically a Bath Bomb For Your Mouth

If you're already obsessed with the fizzy, colorful bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics, then you'll be obsessed with its new Mouthwash Tabs. The brand is known for its innovative, delectably scented beauty products, and it is bringing traditional breath freshener to its cult of customers in what is practically bath bomb form.

The new Mouthwash Tabs are similar to the brand's Toothy Tabs ($5) but are so much more convenient for when you need a quick postlunch breath refresher and can't whip out your toothbrush. And because they come in a solid form, they are a perfect breath-freshening option for travel.

It comes in three enticing flavors to satisfy every taste. Créme de Menthe is made with a blend of malic acid and peppermint oil for a classic-minty zest. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster has the refreshing taste of lemon oil and tonic water for an energizing cocktail-like boost after a meal. And Ugai is an herbal mixture of Japanese green tea, tea tree oil, and citric acid. To use the tablets, simply pop one in your mouth and gargle with a sip of water.

Though the genius tablets are currently exclusively available in the UK, we can't wait until they arrive on our local shelves so we can snap them up.

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