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Makeup Artist Who Uses Bugs in Eye Shadow

You'll Bug Out Over This Makeup Artist Who Puts Actual Insects on Her Eyes

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I'd probably freak out if I found a bug in my apartment. But somehow, Instagram makeup artist Jasmine Ahumada glues insects to her eye shadow, and makes it look totally chic. As Marie Claire reports, the self-taught MUA has creates creepy-crawly designs that truly are a thing of terrifying beauty.

Jasmine utilizes dead grasshoppers, beetles, chafers, moths, and more to concoct her looks. She has also glued a Tarantula around her tear duct, which brings the phrase "doing it for the 'gram," to new heights.

If you want to recreate Jasmine's looks, the makeup artist urges you to keep it clean. As she told POPSUGAR, it's important to "Stay as sanitary as possible. Place a barrier between the skin and bug." In her case, Jasmine uses "gems and thick coats of lash glue" to separate her skin from the bugs.

Most of all, Jasmine suggests "being respectful and humane" when it comes to finding your specimens. She has never killed bugs for the project, opting to find dead ones or buying the critters at Petco where they're sold as reptile food. See her best work, ahead.

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