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Millie Bobby Brown Makeup Tutorial

On a Scale of 1-10, Millie Bobby Brown's All-Natural Makeup Routine Is an 11

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When Millie Bobby Brown shared her makeup routine on a recent Instagram live video, we were pretty darn blown away. We're so used to seeing the young actress with a fake-blood-stained nose and dirt-covered cheeks for her role on Stranger Things, so it was beyond refreshing to see the star off screen and in her element among some of her favorite makeup products. A self-proclaimed minimalist, the actress was honest and open about her makeup-applying skills in the video, saying, "I'm not amazing, but I can do it." OK, could she be any more adorable?!

Throughout her tutorial, Millie shared a few vital tips we can totally get behind, such as cleaning your brushes every day and eating avocado for healthy skin. The 13-year-old reiterated how she doesn't apply makeup every single day, but when she does, simplicity is key. "Less is more in makeup," she said. "Embrace your features. I have a freckle here and I never cover it up."

While applying her makeup (and singing a song here and there), Millie gave us quick glimpses of a few of the products, and they're surprisingly super affordable! Though we couldn't see every item she used, we noticed how some of the ones she showed on camera are a few of our personal favorites. Ahead, shop the must-have products Millie uses.

Image Source: Getty / Lester Cohen
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