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Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett Afro Miss Universe 2017

Miss Jamaica Wore an Afro at Miss Universe 2017, and We Are SO Here For It

Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett Afro Miss Universe 2017
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At the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett became the talk of the night for wearing an Afro. She stood out among the sea of blown-out, straight styles you typically see on beauty queens and was celebrated across social media for proudly wearing her natural hair, especially considering how we still hear stories about women being told their curls are "inappropriate" at work and school. Even if Davina ultimately didn't win the crown (she was in the top three, named second runner-up), seeing her on stage wearing her Afro throughout the competition was a major win for inclusivity.

The 23-year-old model and philanthropist has been outspoken about wanting to shatter existing Eurocentric beauty standards. "I did not win but I got what I was seeking," she wrote on Instagram following the competition, "I stand as the first Afro queen to have made it thus far."

In an interview with Jamaica Observer in September, when asked which beauty stereotypes needed to be challenged, she responded, "Short, natural hair which I feel should be embraced more, and not ignored."

Twitter had a field day watching Davina and cheered her on.

They also commented on the significance of her wearing an Afro at Miss Universe and how it was a major step for representation of Black women.

Ahead, admire some photos of Miss Jamaica looking radiant on stage last night.

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