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Morning Beauty Routine From Bloggers

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Elizabeth Arden

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jae Payne

We partnered with Elizabeth Arden on this post that will help you SUPERSTART your morning beauty routine.

There's a lot of talk about nightly beauty routines — from the cleansing to the exfoliating and the night creams — but what does your morning skin care routine look like? We rounded up three supersound and supersmart steps to create the perfect morning beauty routine that gets your blood moving and your skin looking amazing.

Get Your Heart Pumping

"My early morning usually starts with a quick walk. I'm not looking for a ton of exercise first thing in the morning; it's more about getting outside for some fresh air and getting my heart pumping."
— Teri Cosenzi, Beautiful Makeup Search

Get Enough H2O

"Your skin is the largest organ that you have, and it needs water to stay healthy and to look radiant and young. Without drinking an adequate amount of water, your skin won't function like it should, which in turn makes your skin care less effective."
— Kendra Stanton, Citizens of Beauty

Keep Essential Products On Hand

"After just three days of using SUPERSTART, I started noticing results. My skin definitely appears to have a slightly smoother surface, like it's a little more polished now...and because of that, my makeup goes on better, too, which helps me feel more confident. My moisturizer also got a "boost" – it keeps my dehydrated cheeks soft longer and they don't feel tight and tingly at the end of the day anymore." Anastasia Smith, Glamorable

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