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NYX Concealer | Most Popular Pinterest Concealer

The Most Popular Concealer on Pinterest Is Only $5

I truly pity anyone who has ever seen me pre-under-eye concealer. Like many people, the skin directly beneath my peepers is a problem area, made presentable only by slathering on copious amounts of cover-up. While I've always reached for a high-end tube, according to Pinterest, the best one out there actually costs less than the happy hour drink that's often the culprit of dark circles in the first place.

As Byrdie reported, NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer ($5) currently holds the title of the No. 1 trending concealer on Pinterest.

The formula comes in 21 shades, including lavender to combat pale spots, green to hide redness, and yellow to brighten up dark spots. Fans of the cover-up praise it for being full-coverage yet malleable enough to apply just using fingertips.


If you believe one Ulta review, it also lasts for literal days. "I accidentally wore this to bed after a long day and night out," one Ulta customer wrote. "When I woke up, it was STILL perfect after 20 hours." Yikes, but thanks for finding that out for us.

As a perennially tired girl who just coughed up most of her money on rent, needless to say I'll be scooping up one of these puppies during my next Ulta haul.

NYX Concealer | Most Popular Pinterest Concealer
NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand
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