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Orbital Bone

Definition: Orbital Bone — We're Breaking It Down

Remember that scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) wins her court case because she knows the scientific breakdown of the chemicals involved in a permanent wave? Well, we're here to help you win every beauty argument by becoming a beauty scholar, too. And today's vocabulary lesson is all about the orbital bone.

The orbital bone mostly shows up in instructions involving eye cream and makeup. We're told, for instance, to pat eye cream around the circumference of the orbital bone and apply highlighter just below the orbital bone. So what the heck is an orbital bone?

Also called "the orbit," the orbital "bone" is actually seven strong bones that make up the encasing of the open socket of the eye; these bones come together to house the actual eye. The periorbital skin is the skin/area around your eye. This is the area commonly referred to when talking about beauty products and their application.

So the next time you're watching your favorite YouTuber break down application techniques or you see a mention of the orbital bone in an eye cream's how-to instruction sheet, you'll know what's up. Go forth and make Elle Woods proud.

Image Source: Chaunte Vaughn
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