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Organic and Natural Beauty Brands From Around the World

10 International Brands That Make Natural Beauty Look Seriously Luxe

Black Chicken Remedies (Australia)

While we all like to buy local and support American-made companies, there are some things for which you need to go outside of the US, such as supercute Korean beauty products. But another reason an educated consumer might look outside America for effective, healthy beauty products is that the US doesn't regulate the safety of our cosmetics very much.

Compared to the European Union, where over 1,300 ingredients are banned from use in personal care products, the United States restricts only 11. While there are many wonderful brands in the US making safe, nontoxic products, European companies are required to do so.

That's why many retailers are offering international shopping options to their customer base. Tara Foley, founder and CEO of, a chain of impeccably curated natural beauty stores and the ultimate website for healthy beauty seekers, explained that her company recently began selling products from outside of the United States to help shoppers shut out the noise and find the highest-quality formulas.

"Our clients are beyond busy, and curation is key! They don't want to scour tons of cleansers — they want us to do it for them, and to carry just the best offering for each skin type. We realized that to get the very best — most effective, stringently nontoxic, purest ingredients, luxe, eco-friendly — we needed to also consider options made outside of the US."

Ahead, we've rounded up 10 companies from all over the world that are offering unique, luxe, natural beauty options you may want to consider. Even better, thanks to the internet, you don't need to travel to shop them.

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