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Pastel Hair Color Based on Skin Undertones

How to Choose a Pastel Hair Color Based on Your Skin's Undertone

Pastel Hair Color Based on Skin Undertones
Image Source: Instagram

Pastel hair color is all the rage at the moment, and rightly so — it's beautiful. But with so many hues ranging from iridescent to rose brown to champagne, it's hard to know where to start, particularly when it comes to deciding whether it will suit your skin tone, undertones, eye color, and so on. We firmly believe that you should get any hair color your heart desires, but if you're looking for a little guidance, we've got you covered.

We tapped Christel Lundqvist, founder of London's STIL Salon, to help guide you to the pastel hue of your dreams. She told POPSUGAR that when helping a client go pastel, she first looks at eye color and natural hair color. She then looks at the person's skin tone: pale, medium, or deep. Within those, she considers five different types of coloring: gold, olive, pink, cool neutral, and dark. Within that (hey, it's a process!), Lundqvist looks at two types of undertones: cool and warm.

Phew, that's a lot of color options. Keep reading to find out which hue will suit you best to give you the confidence to go forth and pastel-ify yourself.

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