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Reasons to Dye Your Hair Blond

7 Things I Learned by Bleaching My Hair Blond

Image Source: E!

Bleaching your hair to the sunniest shade of blond isn't all fun and games. JK — being a blonde is the best. After cutting off all my hair and hating it for eight months, I finally got to a length that I liked again. I celebrated this victory by going blond. Very, very blond. When I got to the salon, I had some pretty dark brown dye (From a box! Oops.) on my hair that my brand-new hairdresser wasn't thrilled to see. However, being the rock star that she is, she totally tackled the challenge and gave me the most amazing hair ever. In fact, had I known the following seven things beforehand, I think I would have gone blond way sooner and never looked back.

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