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Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum Review

We Tried a Body Serum Spiked With CBD, and the Results Were Surprising

Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum Review

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"I'm a f*ckin' slip and slide at night," Khloé Kardashian once said after explaining that her best beauty tip for glowing skin was to slather your body in oils. I found the sentiment relatable since I've used oils for that reason and also practice self-care before bed — which is why I was excited to try Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum ($58). This liquid contains 17 — yes, 17 — different luxurious oils, one of them being CBD.

After my evening shower, I dispensed the serum onto the palms of my hands and slicked it across my body. As I massaged the quick-absorbing liquid into my skin, its earthy, bourbon-vanilla scent mixed in with the steam that was still in the air. It calmed me down — so much so, I immediately fell asleep once I got into bed. It was the best damn sleep of my life.

"This formula contains CBD, which is known to be calming, as well as quite a few essential oils," cosmetic chemist Ginger King said, referring to my inability to get out of bed the next morning. Examples of the ones that could have lulled me to sleep include sandalwood and jasmine. Once I did get out of bed, the first thing I noticed was that my skin was softer and more even in tone. We have the serum's lengthy list of citrus oils to thank for that, according to King, and those brightening botanicals didn't end up in its formula by accident. "The idea behind the body serum is to resurface skin," said Saint Jane founder, Casey Georgeson. "We used all of these fruit extracts for a really light, calming, and exfoliating effect, so that your body is as glowy as possible."

The next thing I noticed was how some of the redness on my arms had looked calmer. "[There are] many promising studies [that] show the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD," dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, M.D. previously told POPSUGAR.

This formula contains full-spectrum version of the ingredient, which Georgeson describes as the "Rolls-Royce" of CBD. "You're going to get the leaves, the stem, the stock, [and the] other cannabinoids in that CBD emulsion that help the CBD work better," she said.

In sum, the Saint Jane Luxury Body does it all. Check it out, ahead.

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