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Skin Stressors Quiz

Quiz: Is Your Personality Creating Your Skin Issues?

Hormones, clogged pores, and even your diet can attribute to your breakouts, dark spots, and wrinkles. But how does your personality affect your skin's clarity? Dr. Josie Howard, board-certified psychiatrist and member of the Simple Skincare Advisory Board, suggests that how you handle certain situations can also impact how good your skin looks. She even created a quiz to gauge how well you handle your emotions — and how it might be affecting your skin.

We took the quiz, and now you can, too. Answer how you'd honestly react in each scenario to learn how you can improve your well-being, thanks to Dr. Howard's recommendations.

Quiz provided by Simple Skincare and Dr. Josie Howard.

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You're driving home to cook your significant other's parents dinner, and you get cut off. Groceries spill everywhere. You:

Take a deep breath and keep going. This isn't a huge deal.
Break down into tears, pull over, and rebag the groceries.
Curse at the driver and make a rude gesture.
Yell at the other driver, then feel guilty.

Think about three good things in your life right now. How easy was it?

It stresses me out! So much to fix.
Regardless of some setbacks, I'm generally happy.
This question is way too personal for me to answer.
I can't narrow it to just three!

You discover your company is relocating to another city. What is your first reaction?

Initially panic, then decide to see what happens.
See it as an opportunity to prove myself.
Feel angry. What the heck?
Not sure what to think right now.

The day before a big job interview, you break out with a huge blemish. You:

Blame your (spouse, boss, etc.) for stressing you out.
Dab on some concealer and go.
Angrily squeeze and pick at your zit.
Stay home and hide.
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