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Snapchat Whitewashing Filters

Your Favorite Snapchat Filter Is Being Called Out For "Whitewashing" Complexions

There's no denying the fun in Snapchat filters. I, for one, am obsessed with the rainbow vomit face. The social media platform is known for its face altering entertainment but has recently also found itself in the center of negative conversation regarding social beauty standards and body image.

I've recently expressed an unsettling feeling with Snapchat's "beautifying" filter (or as I like to call it, the "catfish" filter). The popular feature-warping tool immediately sheds pounds on your face, chisels your cheekbones, and banishes every bump and blemish. Early this year, Snapchat also released a temporary Bob Marley filter in celebration of 4/20. It received backlash from users and fans of the reggae legend who referred to the filter as digital blackface and an insult to the deceased icon.

Now, Snapchat users are criticizing the popular Coachella filter, pointing out that the enhancement actually "whitewashes" the tone of your skin. Similar to the catfish filter, the Coachella filter will instantly transform your face, leaving your complexion significantly glossier, your eyes more doe-shaped, and your skin tone noticeably lighter.

Users expressed their disappointment in the app, pointing out that while the filters are fun, they also promote altering your features so that they are more socially desirable. While Snapchat has yet to comment on the brewing backlash of its photoshopping enhancements, hopefully a positive conversation about embracing your features instead of altering and photoshopping them can be sparked as a result. Read on to see more of the reactions on the popular filter.

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