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Temporary Watercolor Tattoo | Video

Get an Awe-Inspiring Watercolor Tattoo Without the Commitment

Watercolor tattoos are beautiful, right? But if you don't want a commitment, you can re-create the look by using food coloring and any waterproof liquid eyeliner you have handy.

Practice a little by tracing geometric shapes (or whatever design you like) on a piece of paper. Then, using different brushes, pat on the food coloring. It should wash off in the shower using soap, water, and a little exfoliation. Also, if you're allergic to food coloring, maybe sit this one out? And always test a small patch on a hidden part of your body before trying out trends to see how your skin reacts!

Let us know in the comments if you'd give this a go.

Temporary Watercolor Tattoo | Video
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