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Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara Review

The New Too Faced Mascara Is Here and All We Can Say Is "Damn Girl!"

Sorry, your old mascara can’t come to the phone right now. We've partnered with Too Faced to share the details on its brand new Damn Girl! formula that our beauty expert is obsessed with.

What’s in a beauty product’s name? The feeling it inspires? What about the ingredients it’s infused with? In the case of the new Too Faced mascara, Damn Girl!, it’s what everyone will be saying when they catch a glimpse of your flawlessly coated eyelashes.

A follow-up to the brand’s hit formula, Better Than Sex, the new Damn Girl! Mascara isn’t playing any games. The geometric pink tube is sleek, luxe, and memorable. The dual-fiber brush carefully combs through and coats all your lashes. Best of all, the whipped mousse formula is stacked with benefits — from intense volume to impressive length to 24-hour, flake-free wear. Cue the collective “Yasss.”

But when it comes to makeup, seeing is believing — so we enlisted one of our resident beauty experts, Senior Producer Sarah Goodwin, to take the mascara for a glam spin worthy of its own photo shoot. Keep reading to see the formula in action and get an up-close look at the impressive results. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself saying “Damn Girl!” while you read.


Lashes come in all shapes, sizes, densities, and lengths. Sarah describes hers as fairly long, but extremely straight. “Without mascara, you can’t see them at all because they stick straight out from my lash line,” she said. And in the density department, they’re not quite where she wants them to be.

As a result, Sarah has a few main criteria when sizing up a mascara. She looks for a brush that lifts and a formula that thickens at the roots while leaving the ends “fluttery and soft,” is transfer-free, and provides a wash of jet-black color. And what she doesn’t want? A clumpy, messy, or goopy formula that will give her thickness but no length, and an oversize brush that restricts access to the corners of her eyes. She also wouldn't mind losing her lash curler.

As soon as Sarah got her hands on Damn Girl!, things were already looking promising. She said the tube felt expensive and the soft brush bristles felt gentle on her eye, but firm enough to lift her lashes. The formula impressed her right off the bat, too. “It gives immediate volume, lift, and length, but if you want to turn it up you can build to false-lash level thickness with one more coat,” Sarah said.


For her initial test, Sarah wore Damn Girl! all day, including for a photo shoot under hot lights. The formula held up flawlessly. “It didn’t feel heavy and it didn’t smudge,” she said. At the end of the day, it was seamless to wash off, too — a major bonus.

After continuing to test the formula, Sarah has some final thoughts worth sharing: “This is the perfect mascara for everyday, when you want to turn heads. It gives you impactful lashes in just one coat.” But it’s versatile, too. “It’s also great for nighttime when I want to add more drama to my look, as I can build and thicken my lashes with additional coats.”

Photographer: Joy Wong; Art Director: Samara Grossman; HMU Artist: Stephanie Navarro; Wardrobe Stylist: Lisa Bae; Producer: Cassie Doyle