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Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty Sale 2018

21 Days of Beauty Tips For When You Just Want to Do You

It's time to embrace your individual beauty spirit and just go for it! We've partnered with Ulta Beauty to bring you the first edition of our Beauty #Fomo zine and to share the new haul of goodies you can score at 21 Days of Beauty, beauty's biggest event. Find your nearest Ulta Beauty to discover a different Beauty Steal® each day and score up to 50 percent off your favorite brands from March 18th - April 7th.



When applying a hi-drama mascara like Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara to your top and bottom lashes, it takes a certain technique. Kirbie's expert tip? "To help get each lash, wiggle at the root to add more volume at the lash line for fuller-looking lashes. Oh, and try adding powder before to help separate each lash."

Break the Rules: Add as many coats as you want. Love the clumpy look? Go for it.


It would seem when it comes to contouring, there are no hard-and-fast rules, but there are some expert tricks to live by. Kirbie's is a setting powder. When contouring, she suggests using a cream first, setting with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed powder, and then going over your contour again with a powder palette for a long-lasting finish.

Break the Rules: Love dewy and matte? Have it both ways. Powder your nose, forehead, and chin only.




Getting a little — ahem — overzealous when it comes to your skincare routine? Starting that K-beauty, 12-step regime overnight could actually be freaking your skin out! Kirbie's fix? Less is more. Dial it down with Clinique's 3-step routine: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Do this for at least two weeks — it can help you discover the culprit to your skin woes.

Break the Rules: Don't wash your face in the morning. Instead, use the lotion or tonic to gently prep the skin for your routine.  


If you haven't started using a face mist, consider this your official nudge. Why you ask? Because they're a makeup game-changer. Kirbie suggests using the Smashbox Water Primer in place of a silicone primer, which can pill on your skin. "Use a face mist instead to prep your skin for makeup." Your makeup will go on flawless!




Your beauty routine is about to thank you. The Clarisonic Mia is about to give you the deep clean your skin has been begging for. Here's what you need to know, according to Kirbie. One, clean behind the brush with a Q-tip once a month — buh-bye gunk! And two, remove the outer ring of the brush head to get small spaces, like the corners of your nose.


The skin of your dreams is about to be yours! If you want firmer, smoother skin, here's what you need to do. "Once a week, give yourself a facial," says Kirbie. "Start by using an AHA/BHA peel to remove dead skin, follow up with a clay mask to purge impurities, and end with a soothing hydrogel mask. If you're worried about a breakout, skip the clay mask."

Need a jumping off point? The Exuviance Performance Peel is the way to go.




Haven't quite mastered the cat eye? Ya, us either. But the right liner can go a long way in making your wing a little bit more on fleek. "For the perfect, er, almost-perfect wing, draw down toward your lash line," explains Kirbie. The marker-like tip on the Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner helps you manage control so it's actually easy to draw a straight line.

Break the Rules: Pair an exaggerated wing with a smokey eye. More is more.


Foundation can be intimidating, but that's why we love the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact, because it works for whatever type of coverage you're looking for! "Use a compact foundation when you need heavier coverage — the puff helps deposit product," explains Kirbie. "Then, to lighten things up, apply with your fingers and buff out with a sponge or brush."




Perfecting your mascara application is truly an art form. Lancôme Hypnôse Drama mascara will help you bring the drama, but there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure a flawless result. "If you notice your lashes clump together, they might have product like oil or moisturizer on them," says Kirbie. "Using a fluffy powder brush [and] lightly brush up under the lashes to remove the moisture. This will help them to look fuller and fan out."

DAY 10

If you've ever looked at a beauty video, you probably have a vague idea of how to sculpt your face using a contour palette. But just in case, here are the two things to remember. "Apply contour to create hollows to the face; use highlighter to accentuate," says Kirbie.

Break the Rules: How about you don’t contour. Embrace your natural face shape and enhance it by highlighting only.

DAY 11


One truly undervalued beauty hack is the fine art of tightlining. So the simple addition of a dual ended liner will make all the difference. Kirbie's expert tip: Use the pencil to tightline and line the top lid, then take the liquid end to create the wing. "Having the pencil underneath will keep the liquid from moving on the eye."

DAY 12

Can you tell mascara is our favorite? Don't worry, when it comes to lashes, we have advice for days! Kirbie says to layer your mascara for a volumizing effect. You can use different types — although the Benefit Roller Lash is a fan favorite — just make sure the first coat you apply is completely dry before adding the second. This creates a crazy voluminous look.


DAY 13


Finding your perfect go-to lipstick shade is one of life's biggest mysteries. But we love the thrill! The Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lip wins for its easy application and long-wearing results, but Kirbie says figuring out your right undertone is the real score.

Break the Rules: On the other hand, undertones can be super confusing. Pick a shade that suits your mood instead.

DAY 14

Brow down to the brow queen! Kirbie has all the right moves when it comes to getting your arch in perfect condition using a brow pencil.

1. To create super-thin hair stokes after using your pencil a few times, you can recreate a blunt edge on the pencil by warming it up on your hand, then tapping it on a hard, flat surface.

2. Hold the pencil almost parallel to your brow to create the hair.

3. Add contrast by using two pencils: one lighter and one deeper than your brow hair.

Break the Rules: Forget overdrawing your brows. Embrace a thinner brow, but make it look fuller with a fiber gel.


DAY 15


Confused about primers? We definitely recommend following the instructions on the bottle for proper application. That being said, Kirbie has a primer hack that we can't wait to try. "Use brightening primers in the areas you typically highlight, like under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, forehead, and chin."

DAY 16

Every beauty junkie's holy grail: sunscreen. Don't ever get caught outside without it! We also recommend using every last drop.
"Always wipe leftover sunscreen on your hands and arms," suggests Kirbie.

Break the Rules: Who says sunscreen has to have a white residue? Mix a few drops of your favorite foundation into the product for a no-makeup makeup look.


DAY 17


Give yourself a flirty, sexy flush with a few Xs and Os! Follow Kirbie's genius hack and apply baked blush in an “X” and “O” motion to your cheeks for the perfect finish.

Break the Rules: Go higher than your cheeks for a dramatic blush look.

DAY 18

Don't let this green-hued lipstick fool you! It actually reacts to the warmth of your lips, so the end result is the rosebud pink shade of your dreams!

Break the Rules: Some would saying matching your eyes and lips is a “no-no.” Who cares! Make it matchy-matchy with a pink-inspired eye look.


DAY 19


Want to follow along with your favorite YouTuber when they show you how to craft the perfect glam eye? Don't get caught without an eyeshadow primer. It's seriously the secret to scoring a flawless eye that will last all day. But it's also so much more! "This works great for eyeshadow, but it's an amazing way to keep foundation and concealer in place as well," revealed Kirbie. "Apply around the curves on the nose, underneath the eye and on any blemishes before applying makeup for all-day coverage."

DAY 20

When it comes to your skincare routine, you should really consider your neck and chest a part of your daily duties. Meaning, you need to show them some love! "Take a microfoliant into the shower with you and apply to your neck, chest, and body for a polished, smooth finish," suggests Kirbie.


DAY 21


We're in love with a face mist and we're not ashamed to admit it! The Mac Prep & Prime Fix + has long been the hero in our makeup bags, and for good reason! It gives us the perfect dewy, finished look — every time. "Try spritzing a fan brush before dipping into your highlighter for an even more accentuated glow," says Kirbie.


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