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Victoria Beckham Talking About Gel Manicures YouTube Video

Look Away, Nail Techs: Victoria Beckham's Beauty Sin Will Make You Weep

Celebrities have the top pick of products, beauty treatments, and professionals on speed dial, but it doesn't mean they're immune to a beauty sin or two, including former Spice Girl, fashion guru, and soon-to-be beauty brand owner Victoria Beckham.

Beckham's new YouTube channel gives us snippets of her extremely busy and chic life. In between her hectic family life and being a leading designer, like a lot of people, she has to attend meetings. And just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean they're any more interesting than the average. While shooting her latest YouTube video, Beckham admitted to hating board meetings, saying (nail techs, close your ears), "I normally pick all my gel manicure off during board meetings." Peeling off gel manicures is probably in the top five sins of the beauty 101 rule book, but hearing Beckham commits such an offense makes us feel a teeny bit better about doing it ourselves.

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