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Victoria's Secret Beach Waves Hair Hacks

6 Easy Beach-Wave Hacks For Gorgeous Instagram Hair

Victoria's Secret Beach Waves Hair Hacks
Image Source: Courtesy of the Beachwaver

If there was a hairstyle to define the past decade, it would be beach waves. The now-classic style features textured waves, meant to look like you just got back from a day of surfing. You can see this effortlessly chic look everywhere from popular blow-dry bar menus to celebrity red carpets and, of course, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runways.

For the second season in a row, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa's brand the Beachwaver was the official sponsor of the 2016 show in Paris.

"Victoria's Secret waves are the perfect combination of sexy, glamour, and relaxed all at the same time," she told me. "Women love this style because it is so versatile. Beach waves can be worn on the red carpet or with a t-shirt and jeans. This feeling of a natural, yet glamorous look will always be beautiful."

Also, the relaxed waves are flattering on most. "Beach waves enhance a women's natural beauty by adding volume and movement to the hair," she noted. "The iconic is created when the waves go away from the face, opening up right at the cheekbone to accentuate the face. This effortless style feels beautiful and touchable, with volume at the root and relaxed ends, making it a more comfortable, lived-in feel."

OK, so now you want to DIY beach waves at home, right? To help you get started, Potempa shared six hair hacks she relies on to easily get flawless waves every time. Keep reading!

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