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Vlogger Uses Cat For Beauty Photo

How Owning a Cat Will Make You the Ultimate Beauty Product Prop Stylist

Taking a perfect photo of a beauty product isn't easy. You have to position the packaging just so, letting your Instagram followers view the label as well as see the formula inside. Balanced lighting is a must. And of course, you need a chic backdrop. Vlogger Kenya Fuentes was inspired by images taken by her favorite influencers, who frequently use white shag rugs as a surface for their prop styling. But according to BuzzFeed, she didn't have this piece of decor, so she improvised . . . and called upon her cat Finny for help.

As you can see, she shot a quick picture of a few products, including Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer ($9) and Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eye Shadow ($4). That fuzzy backdrop is actually Finny's torso, which Kenya revealed in a post to Snapchat.

While it was definitely a clever, thrifty move on Kenya's part, we're even more impressed by the glamorous Finny. Any cat owner can tell you that only a very special feline would remain that patient with its owner when being used for prop styling purposes. (Taylor Swift's highly tolerant kitties seem like they'd be up for this task!) Not to mention, Finny's pose is positively purrfect.

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