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What Beauty Products Does Lili Reinhart Use?

Get a Look Inside Lili Reinhart's $300 Makeup Routine

What Beauty Products Does Lili Reinhart Use?
Image Source: Getty Images

Lili Reinhart is no stranger to keeping it real about her beauty struggles. The Riverdale sensation recently opened up about her adult acne, and just when we thought we couldn't love her any more, she spilled her makeup favorites in a Vogue tutorial.

"Anyone else eat Chinese food in the bathroom?" Reinhart asked as she demonstrated her everyday makeup routine (which she also suggests is the perfect look for eating wontons). Noted. In the tutorial, she broke down how she covers her blemishes, sculpts her cheekbones, and makes her eyes pop.

Reinhart used a variety of cult-favorite products, and her entire routine totaled more than $300. Though on the more ep side, her finished look is a vibrant, natural face that we'd easily wear every single day. Ahead you'll find all the Betty-approved beauty products used in the tutorial so you, too, can can look fabulous while eating fried wontons — check them out ahead.

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