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What Is a Curated Ear?

How to Nail the Coolest Piercing Trend: The Curated Ear

Earrings have come a long, long way from the tiny gold studs we were allowed to wear at school. First we were obsessed with hoops, then we went big and dangly. For a while, we were all about climbers, and now we've pared things back a little. But just because the jewelery has got more delicate doesn't mean it's any less impactful. Because why stick to just one earring in the lobe when you could go all out with half a dozen piercings? The trend for multiple ear piercings has evolved to become the "curated ear", an eclectic mix of tiny studs and hoops that turn your ears into your own little gallery of jewels and charms.

So how do you approach this trend? Most people tend to stick to just one material or metal — silver or gold, with diamonds or colored stones — and choose one showstopping piece surrounded by more simple styles. Think about volume, too — one large piece or drop earring in a row of smaller studs will look really striking. With this look, it's tempting to just keep on piercing, and while there are no rules as to how many studs and hoops you pile on, often the trick is to know when to stop to let those pieces shine. Take a look through our gallery for a little inspiration, and discover your favorite curated ear style.

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