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What to Do When You Put on Too Much Perfume | InStyle

The Quick, Easy Fix For Fragrance Overload

Spraying on too much fragrance is a major beauty sin. InStyle shares the best tips to tone down your perfume when you've applied one squirt too many.

Sure, a spritz of perfume can be alluring, but one too many pumps can quickly turn from sensual to overbearing.

If you went a little trigger happy, try swabbing a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol to quickly dilute the scent. If you've overloaded on a heavy scent (like an oud or oriental fragrance), try layering a fresher scent (like citrus) over it. "Citrus can be mixed with almost any scent and it will redirect the scent so it's fresher and lighter," says Nomaterra founder and perfumer Agnieszka Burnett.

As for next time, mist your signature scent into the air in front of you and walk through the cloud of droplets for a softer effect. Think of it this way — your perfume should be undetectable to anyone more than an arm's length away from you.

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