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What It's Like Working at Victoria's Secret

Confessions of a Victoria's Secret Beauty Shopgirl

What It's Like Working at Victoria's Secret
Image Source: Andy Barnham

There's something magical about shopping at Victoria's Secret. Immediately upon walking in, you're greeted with that sexy-sweet musk and giant campaigns featuring the brand's beloved Angels. Sparkly, lacy lingerie and cozy, brightly colored loungewear fill the glossy space. Bottles of self-tanner, fruity-flavored lip gloss, and cult fragrances make up the beauty section. It's a fantasyland.

But have you ever thought about what it's like to work there? To be part of Team VS? We spoke to a former employee, who worked in the beauty department for about eight months (two Summers between college semesters), to find out all of the insider details on discounts, how to score a golden ticket to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and what it's like when men enter the store. Keep reading! You're about to fall in love with your favorite feminine shop even more.

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