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What Makes You Feel Beautiful

This Busy Mom May Be Tired, but Watch Her Undereye Circles Vanish

Not only is Tanesha Awasthi the founder of the successful style blog Girl With Curves, but she’s a wife and mom, too. Dark undereye circles have become an inevitable and unfortunate — but treatable! — consequence of her busy schedule. Watch the video to the right to see which products are helping her conceal them, thanks to expert recommendations from a Walgreens Beauty Consultant.

Before I was a mom, I never dealt with things like undereye circles.

Meet Brian Gámez Mueller, a Walgreens Beauty Consultant

Ever since the drag community introduced Brian to beauty — and empowered him to truly love himself — he’s made it his mission to help others on their journey toward self-acceptance.

Building a regimen is you taking the reins of your life and giving yourself the love you deserve.

Click the link in the bottom-right corner to learn more about Brian and discover some of his most recommended products.

Brian Gamez-Mueller

1 POPSUGAR Editor Learns the Secret to Styling Her Dry, Wavy Hair

Thick, frizzy, and in limbo are all ways that Angela Elias, content director of POPSUGAR Family, describes her hair. So with a toddler on her hands and another baby on the way, we called on the experts at Walgreens to help whip her hair into shape. Watch the video to the right to discover the lineup of products they recommended to achieve moisturized, frizz-free hair — plus an easy curling technique for extraglam days.

I’d love to be able to just wear my hair down and enjoy it more.

Say Hello to Courtney Wilson, a Walgreens Beauty Consultant

Navigating the nuances and challenges of the beauty world can be difficult for anyone, and Courtney is on a mission to make that easier for others.

I wanted to pursue makeup because of all the and errors I went through trying to learn it on my own. I wanted to simplify that process for everyone.

Click the link in the bottom right corner to learn more about Courtney, and discover some of her favorite products and expert tips.

Courtney Wilson

Yes, Makeup And SPF Can Be Summer BFFs – How to Layer for a Golden Glow

As a beauty-lover living in Los Angeles, Alexys Gabrielle knows how important it is to protect her skin. This Summer, she’s prioritizing a look that’s fresh, glowy, and equipped to fight sun damage. To ensure she checked every box, we paired her with Walgreens Beauty Consultant Brian Gámez Mueller. Discover which products they selected in the video to the right.

I have really been on the hunt for a way to incorporate sunscreen into my day-to-day routine.

How LA-Based Influencer Alexys Gabrielle Gets a Summer Glow

Want to get your Summer glow on? Take a few notes from influencer and host Alexys Gabrielle. With a little help from Walgreens Beauty Consultant Brian Gámez Mueller, she found the perfect product lineup to protect her skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun protection is so important, and I’m really glad it’s becoming so easy to find great products with SPF without having to compromise your overall makeup look.

Click the link in the bottom right corner to learn more about Alexys and discover the products behind her effortless Summer look.