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What Is Scarlett Johansson's Natural Hair Color?

You'll Never Guess Scarlett Johansson's Natural Hair Color

Scarlett Johansson's Natural Hair Color
Image Source: Getty / Frank Trapper

Scarlett Johansson looks so good in every hair color she tries, it's hard to guess her natural hue. Over the course of her career, she's tried everything from a deep red shade (while playing Black Widow in the Avengers franchise) to her signature golden blond, and in recent years she's even worn a chestnut brown color.

For anyone wondering, Johansson has been starring in movies since she was nine years old (her first appearance was in North in 1994), so we do have some insight into what her natural hair color might be. As a young child, she appeared to have the blond hair she's known for, although it seems to have deepened into a light brown shade as she's gotten older.

Check out proof that Johansson can pull off any hue, including the star's natural hair color, ahead.

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