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What Is Sephora's Online Community?

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Nothing makes beauty-lovers feel more like a kid in a candy store than a trip to Sephora — but it's about to get even better. We've partnered with the mega-retailer to reveal why its online Community is completely changing the game.

A Sephora visit a day keeps stress away — or at least that's what we beauty-lovers like to believe. Whether you peruse the beauty retailer's glowing aisles IRL or obsessively stalk casually browse the website's New Arrivals page during your lunch break, no place conjures up quite as much joy (or feels so incredibly therapeutic) as Sephora. It's basically our version of a safe haven.

If you thought you couldn't possibly love the brand more than you already do, you're in for a pleasant surprise. What truly sets Sephora apart isn't just its dazzling product offerings, fan-favorite rewards program, and "Beauty on the Fly" section at checkout (our personal favorite) — it's actually one of the retailer's most under-the-radar features: the online Community. Comprised of a digital forum for advice, tips, and industry news (also known as the "Conversations" page), a gallery section filled with inspirational beauty looks, reviews, and real-time chats on product pages, the Community is a total hidden gem on the brand's website. We think it should be one of the shining stars instead.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Community's relaunch, we're spotlighting three of its most notable benefits — all of which you'll find in the "Conversations" section. From impressive perks to exclusive access to makeup artists and brand founders, you'll practically be racing to sign up.

1. Perks For Days

In Sephora's online Community, you don't have to be a celebrity, influencer, or beauty editor to be treated like a VIP; anyone with a passion for beauty is welcome to join — and enjoy a myriad of incredible perks. For example, the various threads house tons of insider information, from new brand and product launches to Sephora program changes and beyond. You might also have the chance to test new products it launches (yes, really!) and score invites to VIP events like master classes, store openings, and brand launches. Plus, the more active you are, the better the perks! Community members who contribute to the Conversations pages regularly can be selected to receive a juicy gratis box stacked with fawn-worthy products — the ultimate dream.

2. All Your Beauty Soulmates, All in One Place

Like most things, beauty is more fun when you can enjoy it with someone — and in the Community, you can enjoy it with everyone! With thousands of beauty fanatics across the US and Canada united in one place, you'll always have like-minded people to gush over new launches or your favorite lipstick of the moment and exchange skincare advice with. Your beauty minimalist BFF or significant other might not share your enthusiasm, but your fellow Community members always will. Even better, you can count on them to be honest with their product recommendations and feedback — if they don't think something is right for you, they'll suggest something even better. With the Community's stamp of approval, you can have confidence knowing you're getting a product that's been tried and tested by real beauty lovers like you. The bonds you form can become so close, in fact, that many Community members even become friends IRL! Here's to building a network of beauty-lovers for life.

3. One-on-One Access to Industry Pros

Where can you chat live with Kate Somerville, Huda Kattan, and beauty guru Jackie Aina? Sephora's online Community! Not only can you exchange advice with beauty-lovers like you, but you can also get access to industry leaders. Here, your Instagram DMs won't be left unread and your YouTube comments won't go unanswered — you have a direct, exclusive line to some of the most influential names in the industry. The Community often arranges live chats that allow you to view real-time messages on one convenient thread. Prepare for your entire beauty routine to get a serious upgrade, including skincare, makeup, and even travel beauty tips.

As an added bonus, some Community members have even been invited to events where they get a total VIP experience, including access to brand founders and even masterclasses with world renowned makeup artists (Yes, like Mario Dedivanovic!). Most recently two community members attended a Hollywood bash hosted by Urban Decay, featuring a performance by a big-name rapper, the opportunity to customized denim jackets, and tons of awesome beauty swag.

Already convinced to join? We thought so! Whether you're chatting in threads on the Conversations page, scrolling through gallery images, scanning reviews, or engaging in real-time chats about your favorite products, we guarantee the Community will change the beauty game. What's more, everything is easily accessible on mobile (including the Sephora app!), so you'll never have to go far to get advice or product recommendations, even if you're in the middle of shopping. Click here to start exploring all that the Community has to offer. Just click on "Complete Your Profile" to get started.

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