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Why You Should Use a Heat and UV Protective Primer Oil

I Finally Found a Product That Gives Me Great Hair in the Summer Humidity

I live in sunny Florida, and the one thing you can always count on here is Summer being hot, humid, and totally ruining your hair for the day. No matter what type of hair you have, the sun and humidity can have some pretty unfriendly effects on it. As for me, I have thick, long hair. From hanging out at the beach every weekend to heading to my favorite theme parks, the Summer sun, humidity, and splash and dash showers can do some major damage to my hair. Then I found the one thing I never knew I needed for my hair, and it changed my Summer routine completely . . . heat and UV protective primer oil is my lifesaver!

It works on most types of hair, from straight or curly, to dry, damaged, or color treated. I definitely fall into a few of those categories with super straight hair. When I started using the oil, my hair was balayage with some blond and lighter brown. After a few weeks of use, I noticed a pretty dramatic difference in my hair. It was even thicker than normal, any frizz from humidity was pretty much gone, and my hair had an amazing shine to it. The color from my balayage stood out more, and it had a better dimension to it than before I started using the UV primer oil. Some of the brassy notes that had started to pop up in the blond streaks even started to die down because the sun wasn't bleaching them out as harshly.

So how exactly do I use the oil? I've found a few different ways that work for me depending on what I am doing each day. One way is to put it into damp hair right after a shower. It almost acts like a detangler before I do any heat styling to my hair like curling or blow drying, along with the benefits of the heat protectant. I would do this on days I have an event for work, or I'm going out with my friends for a night. The other way I use the oil is on dry hair through the mid-lengths and ends. I do this on days I'm heading out to the beach or theme parks to keep my hair from growing to the size of Texas. Since the oil comes out of the bottle as a fine spray, it doesn't leave a sticky or slimy residue on your hair, so putting it on dry hair is totally OK, just be sure to work it into your hair thoroughly before heading out for the day. It only takes a few seconds and you don't need any fancy equipment, only your hands and a little patience.


When it comes to Summer hair, it has to be easy but it still has to look good, and changing over from not using a heat and UV protectant to using one daily has completely changed my hair game. My hair is healthy, shiny, strong, and better than ever.

Image Source: Megan duBois
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