Addison Rae Put Her Own Twist on the Floating-Eyeliner Trend

In a new Instagram Story from Addison Rae, you might think her eyeliner is pretty standard. However, upon closer inspection, you'll notice it's actually something far more refreshing. In the Story, the star is wearing a variation of the floating-eyeliner trend, which is defined by the negative space between the lash line and the liquid liner. Rae's twist on the look features a stroke of turquoise-blue eyeliner hovering above her crease, with a thin flick of black eyeliner tracing the top edge. She paired the eye makeup with a pink glossy lip, fluffy brows, and heavy pink blush.

A handful of celebrities have been putting their twists on the graphic-liner trend over the last year, including Zendaya, who wore it on the red carpet for the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" premiere in Los Angeles back in December 2021. When she wore it, she used a blue metallic eyeliner paired with black and white lines to really draw attention to her eyes.

Get a closer look at Rae's turquoise floating eyeliner below. (We'll be over here practicing our winged-liner technique to copy the look.)

Instagram | addisonraee