Alexa Demie's New Baby Bangs Are Even More Dramatic Than Maddy's Makeup in Euphoria

You might recall some of Alexa Demie's colorful, rhinestone-emblazoned makeup on HBO's hit show Euphoria, but just because the season ended, that doesn't mean she's stopped serving eye-catching looks. Case in point: her latest haircut and nail art.

In a quick-moving video on her Instagram, Demie is sitting in the back of her car zooming in on her hair, which features what appears to be a messy bun and short bangs styled to look piecey. (Think: Lydia Deetz, but if she owned a smartphone and very on-trend sunglasses.) Her next post highlighted her long french manicure with square tips.

Alone, both elements of her beauty look are standout. Together, they are just as over-the-top and unexpected as Euphoria's season finale. Check it out ahead.

Instagram | alexademie