Alicia Keys Finally Dropped Her Skincare Routine — Her Secret to Clear Skin? Sulfur!

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It's difficult to ignore how radiant Alicia Keys's skin is pretty much 24/7. As a special gift for the New Year, the "Raise a Man" singer did us all a favor and dropped her nighttime skin routine, which includes her secret for fighting off blemishesfinally. In a video shared to her YouTube channel on Monday, Keys walked us step-by-step through the routine, and it was basically the equivalent of creating her own personal spa experience.

After lighting a candle and making sure she had a big mason jar full of water on hand, Keys started winding down for the evening by using her Osmosis Deep Clean Detox Cleanser ($21) and Advanced SkinCare's Anti-Blemish Lotion With Sulfur — the secret to her clear skin. "It's like when you're driving down the highway and you smell that egg smell and everybody in the car is like, 'Oh, who farted?' That's sulfur . . . Sulfur is the bomb," Keys said. Watch the full video here to see what Keys recommended for getting rid of the eggy smell and what other useful tips she has for treating your skin well.