Amandla Stenberg's New Colorful Braids Have Us Feeling Anything but Blue

Amandla Stenberg just revealed some bold blue braids on Instagram and we can't wait to get a closer look. The actor posted a mirror selfie, giving fans a glimpse of their new braids with blue ends and some bold graphic eyeliner.

While we're not certain the exact shade of blue Stenberg chose, they posted a photo a few days prior to the selfie, featuring many wefts of blue and teal hair. It's possible that these were the pieces of hair that ended up in Stenberg's style.

Until we get a closer look at this awesome hair color, we'll continue to admire Stenberg's past colorful braid looks, which you can see ahead.

Wefts of Blue Hair

Amandla Stenberg's New Blue Braids

Other Times Amandla Stenberg Has Worn Colorful Braids