What's Better Than One Ariana Grande Ponytail? Two, Obviously

We can't count on many constants in life, but one thing we can always count on is Ariana Grande turning up with her signature ponytail. It's been the 27-year-old's hairstyle staple since way back when, and she rarely steers away from it, but it's 2020, and that's a good enough reason to switch things up a little. Clearly one ponytail is no longer enough for Grande, so instead she tried out two. On Monday, Grande posted two photos on her Instagram feed showing off her new double ponytail situation created by longtime hairstylist Josh Liu. In keeping with her trademark, the high ponytails are long, voluminous, and with a piece of hair wrapped around the elastic.

This isn't the first time Grande has switched up her hairstyle. She took a break from her pony a few times before. This is the first time, however, we've seen a double version of her beloved high ponytail, and we're absolutely into it. We're not the only fans of the epic pigtails, either. Millie Bobby Brown is an admirer, too, writing, "Oh wow," in the comments section, followed by a "this is everything."

Not only did Grande show off her latest double ponytail look but she also gave us a glimpse into how she's been coordinating her face mask with her beauty looks. The singer-songwriter posted another selfie wearing an incredible sparkling face mask with iridescent eye makeup to match. Makeup artist Michael Anthony created a graphic winged eyeliner effect with a lavender and peach gradient shade. The combination of a double ponytail and colorful iridescent liner are a match made in space heaven.