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Australian Gold Plant Based Sunscreen Benefits

There's No Excuse For Boring Sunscreen — Here's a Checklist For Your Next Tube

This summer, protect your skin with purpose. We've partnered with Australian Gold to share the plant-powered sunscreen that will protect and nourish your skin.

Picture this: you've got a full day under the summer sun ahead of you and you're looking forward to it — then, belatedly, you remember that you need to pack the sunscreen. If your next thought is, "I think I have last summer's tube stored somewhere," stop everything and slowly step away from the back of the cabinet. Yes, sun protection is sun protection, but not just any old sunscreen will do. In fact, we're firm believers that your daily SPF should be chosen with the same care and consideration as, say, what ice cream flavor you're getting, or what shoes look best with your outfit.

Basically, it's a Very Important Decision, because when you're applying and reapplying a product to your skin every day like you do sunscreen, it should not only serve to protect your skin, but also nourish it. That's why we've created a handy checklist of all the important elements to look out for in your next tube. Now, when you reach for the sunscreen, you can feel confident that your choice is the right one.


Listen: the right sunscreen doesn't need to mean the most expensive sunscreen. These days, you can experience the luxury of natural alternatives at drugstore prices. Take Australian Gold's Plant Based Sunscreen — with SPF 30, 50, and 70 Lotions, plus an SFP 50 Face Lotion, you're getting premium natural ingredients that protect and support your skin, all for under $14.


Speaking of premium natural ingredients, the ideal sunscreen should be chock-full of them — just like your favorite skin-care products would be. As the name suggests, the Plant Based Sunscreen is powered by plants — healing aloe vera and hydrating coconut oil, to be exact — to provide your skin with the nourishment it needs. With the highest amount of aloe vera of any Australian Gold products and 3 percent coconut oil, the sunscreen helps soothe, soften, and intensely moisturize, while delivering nutrients to your skin.


It's 2021 — there's no excuse for not going the sustainable route if it's an option, and sunscreen definitely has those options. Whether it's through responsibly sourced ingredients or recycled packaging — or both, in the case of the Plant Based Sunscreen — find a product that prioritizes sustainability and eco-consciousness. Since the sunscreen contains such high concentrations of plant ingredients, it's easier to source (and responsibly ship) them from renewable resources. Not to mention, the formula is also vegan, cruelty-free, and reef-friendly.

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