Ava Phillippe Cut Her Hair With Office Scissors, but It Looks Like the Work of a Pro

Even though plenty of celebrities have reunited with their glam squads in the past few weeks after months of social distancing, there are still a select few who are continuing to be their own hairstylists at home. That includes Reese Witherspoon's daughter, Ava Phillippe, who recently showed off her new DIY haircut on Instagram. Phillippe took to her account on July 6 to share a photo of her newly touched-up pink hair that she decided to trim a few inches off of on a whim.

"Oops," she captioned it. Phillippe dyed her hair pink a few months ago, though the new selfie suggests that she may have dyed it again to deepen the color before trimming it with a pair of office scissors. Check out Phillippe's hair in the photo above.