The Beauty Treatments Our Editors Regret the Most

As beauty enthusiasts, we love trying the latest and greatest in the space. From lipsticks that take our makeup to the next level to hair masks that promise an undeniable shine, we want to try them all. Still, as much as we love to collect new products and experiences, we also have some regrets that we'd rather pretend didn't happen in the first place.

In the quest to find the best of the best or unlock that "new me" vibe with a makeover, there have been some big beauty mistakes along the way. From facials that left us wondering if we had any skin left and horrible dye jobs that made us miss a day or two off school, you name it, it's probably happened to us. We're not the only ones: celebrities have started to chime in on the conversation, with people like Kylie Jenner saying that she regrets some of the cosmetic work she's had done.

The point is, if you also have a beauty treatment that you regret, you're not alone. As editors, we likely know better than most how you feel when an injectable doesn't go as planned or your hair doesn't come out the way it should despite multiple consultations and pictures. To prove it, we got curious and asked other editors about their biggest beauty regret over the years and nothing short of hilarity ensued. If you're in for a laugh, (and want to feel less alone in the process), read about all the beauty moments that have gone awry for POPSUGAR editors below.

Ariel Baker, assistant beauty editor

"When I first started as a beauty editor, I was invited in for a facial, which I excitedly accepted. Little did I know this was not a regular facial — it included a laser to help 'resurface' my skin. I didn't realize this until I was quite literally in the establishment and ready to get the treatment done. Figuring it couldn't be that bad, I decided to move forward with the process and things went very wrong, very quickly. From the first test pass, I knew I'd be in pain. Still, I sat there for about 10 to 15 minutes while they used this machine to zap my entire face. I left feeling like my face was on fire and cursing whoever came up with this idea in the first place.

"I've since gone on to have better experiences with laser treatments, but for a casual facial, I'll gladly steer clear of them. The treatment didn't even end up working for me, which was the worst part of it all."

Kelsey Castañon, beauty director

"When I was in seventh grade, I begged my mom to let me get chunky highlights. This was right around the time of peak 'American Idol' fame, and I wanted nothing more than Kelly Clarkson's glistening blond stripes. Finally, after months of persuasion, she folded, and I walked into the salon with a crisp photo of the star printed onto a piece of paper from my family's janky HP DeskJet. Let's just say the ink must have been off that day, because my head looked like a McDonald's carpenter had their Golden Arches way with it. Naturally, I refused to go to school the next day, but it would be another two weeks before my mom could get me in for a correction. Now, I rarely, if ever, dye my hair — we're talking two, three times since that fateful day — because the trauma still lingers."

Jessica Harrington, beauty editor

"When I was in high school, moments before a haircut appointment, I decided on a whim that I wanted to dye my hair for the first time. I had been eyeing a dip-dyed look (it was in at the time, OK?), where the ends of my dark-brown hair would be a blond hue. The stylist reassured me she could easily do it but my virgin hair ended up posing quite the challenge for her. Five hours later when we finally lifted my natural color enough to apply the blond dye, I was regretting my choice. I left with brassy, straw-like ends that I wound up chopping off a month later. (Thank god I only did the bottom inch of my hair.) I've yet to dye it again."

Renee Rodriguez, staff writer and social producer

"My biggest beauty regret will forever and always be getting my eyebrows waxed at the nail salon in seventh grade. I had the thickest, hairiest, in-your-face eyebrows, and I was dumb enough to hate them. I would give anything to have those brows back on my face right now. These days, it takes tinting every week and filling in sparse areas with 10 different types of brow pencils to give me a visible eyebrow. RIP, seventh-grade brows. I miss you."

Cynthia Puleo, copy editor
Getty | Sergey Mironov

Cynthia Puleo, copy editor

"Going platinum blond — or rather trying to. I had a pixie cut at the time, so I assumed it would not be a major issue. Instead, I returned to the salon repeatedly for many hours at a time with bleach burning my scalp each session (and that's no easy feat because I loathe being at the salon for more than an hour) and never achieved the color I desired. I got to the point where I just gave up and went straight to single-process brunette, and I've been happy ever since."