Concrete Proof That Bella Hadid Loves Beautyblenders as Much as You Do

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While runway makeup may be a bit too outlandish for everyday life, the model-off-duty beauty look is one that we often aspire to. It girl Bella Hadid has definitely mastered this style. Thanks to a special tutorial that she created for Vogue, she's sharing her application secrets with us.

She admits that she "looks really tired" because she's been traveling practically nonstop, but thanks to a generous application of concealer, she looks like she's gotten weeks of beauty rest. She primarily uses Dior products (after all, she's the face of the brand), but you'll spy a beloved Beautyblender in the video. Bella utilizes this to apply everything from foundation to contour cream. Her chiseling technique makes her cheekbones appear as if they were sculpted from marble. Watch now and pick up a few of Bella's tricks!