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Best Haircuts For Round, Oval, Square, Diamond Face Shapes

Dreaming About Your Next Chop? Here's How to Pick the Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Anyone else dreaming about their next haircut? As if we didn't do enough prep work thinking about possible styles before, we're increasing that effort tenfold while we pass the time until we can get back to the salon. If you're itching for a change but at a loss for what cut to try next, hairstylist Brad Mondo shared his tips for picking the best haircut for your face shape in an informative video on YouTube.

There are six common face shapes that everyone falls into — diamond like Jennifer Lopez, round like Chrissy Teigen, square like Angelina Jolie, oblong like Sarah Jessica Parker, heart like Jessica Alba, and oval like Beyoncé — and using that shape as a guide can help you select the most flattering haircut for you. While Mondo prefaced his advice by saying you can do whatever you want with your hair, he explained that these tips can be helpful in picking the optimal hairstyle for you if you're stumped.

The Best Haircut For the Diamond Face Shape

Mondo explained that the goal with diamond faces is to enhance the width at your forehead and jawline. To do so, consider a haircut that sits right at your chin (like a blunt bob) or a long, straight hairstyle to soften the angles of your face.

The Best Haircut For the Round Face Shape

For rounded face shapes, Mondo recommended you stay away from short bobs or any cut that ends right at your chin to avoid adding width to your face. Longer haircuts with wispy layering around your face can help show off your cheekbones and give your face more shape.

The Best Haircut For the Square Face Shape

Square faces pair well with bangs, especially rounded curtain bangs, Mondo explained. Adding any length below your chin helps to elongate your face and looks very flattering on this shape.

The Best Haircut For the Oblong Face Shape

You'll want to bring volume to the center of your face to flatter this shape, Mondo said. To do so, try a haircut with layering that ends at your cheekbones or a short haircut. He also recommended bangs that fall at your eyebrows.

The Best Haircut For the Heart Face Shape

Those with a heart-shaped face can benefit from adding more width to their jawline. Try a short haircut to add volume at your chin and styling your hair in beach waves. A side bang also works to show off your shape.

The Best Haircut For the Oval Face Shape

Because oval faces are very balanced, any length or haircut works great on this shape.

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