We're Dubbing Billie Eilish the Queen of Effortlessly Cool No-Makeup Selfies

It's hard to tell when Billie Eilish is and isn't wearing makeup. It's not that she doesn't like to experiment with beauty — Eilish is just more likely to do it with her hair (see her neon roots) than makeup.

Save for a little mascara and maybe some lip gloss, Eilish is almost bare-faced in most of her music videos and Instagram photos. Even on the red carpet, she masters the natural makeup look like no other. The singer has naturally clear skin, but even when a small blemish pops up on her chin (which happens to all of us, let's be real), it doesn't stop her from snapping a selfie anyway (which it shouldn't!). We wouldn't expect anything less from the singer — this very real take on beauty aligns with her personal brand.

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