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Blissy Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Editor Review

I'm in a Committed Relationship With My Silk Pillowcase — Here's Why You Should Be, Too

Is your cotton pillowcase negatively affecting your skin? Your hair? We've partnered with Blissy to share the silky solution missing from your routine.

Some people copy other people's style, but I like to copy people's beauty routines. I spent my first few years as a beauty editor doing exactly that; until I figured out the products I loved, I played Goldilocks with everyone else's. That's how I discovered silk pillowcases.

Silk, I quickly learned, was the secret solution to many of my beauty woes. Though that's not to say it didn't take me several years to build this relationship into what it is today. Since 2016, I've probably owned at least five different types of silk pillowcases. It just wasn't until I owned this one that I knew I couldn't sleep without it. Allow me to introduce you to Blissy.

The closest I'll ever get to feeling like a royal is using a silk pillowcase. Whenever I lay my head down onto this soft and shiny fabric, it feels as though I'm transported back in time: it's suddenly 1811, I'm the lady of the house, the duchess of 20,000 acres, and my most prized possession is this 100-percent mulberry-silk pillowcase. But I don't just love it because it makes me feel like I have an official title that could land me a castle; I love it because it protects my skin and hair while I sleep.


The Benefits of Momme and Mulberry

Sleep is supposed to be good for you, but a pair of scratchy pillowcases can change that. While there are a lot of comfortable fabrics available — brushed cotton, linen, satin, etc. — there's nothing that works as effectively to protect your hair like silk. Although they're trending right now, silk pillowcases have been around for decades; in fact, one first lady credited it as the secret to her perfect bouffant (and I credit her for convincing me to finally use one!). These days, silk bonnets, silk scrunchies, and even silk-lined hoodies are popular alternatives to other fabrics that may damage hair. But why?

Sheets have thread counts and silk pillowcases have momme, a buzzword that's important to remember. As long as your pillowcase falls between a 15-30 range of momme (the fabric weight), your pillowcase should be effective and buttery soft, which is exactly where the Blissy pillowcase falls at a sweet 22. But it's not just the momme that contributes to the pillowcase's silky-smooth effect, it's also the key ingredient of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the crème de la crème of pillowcases, and considering the Blissy one is made with 100 percent of the stuff, you know it'll treat your hair with five-star comfort.

Silky Pillowcase = Silky Hair

Sleeping on silk has been proven to keep hair looking healthy. Whether you're the kind of sleeper who rolls around a hundred times throughout the night or the kind who never moves, there's some serious friction between your hair and the pillowcase, and using silk can help to prevent dry, brittle ends. Fabric like cotton can absorb the moisture in your hair, while silk is less porous and doesn't steal away its hydration. Sleeping on silk also lowers the risk of mussing up your style; if you have natural curly hair, a protective style, or bleached roots, a silk pillowcase can play a crucial role in keeping your hair frizz-free.


Say Goodbye to Skin Creases

The benefits silk offers to hair is only half of the appeal. As someone who spends a lot of time taking care of their skin, it almost always felt like a waste to apply several layers of creams and oils before going to sleep to only wake up with my skin completely dry. My products felt useless when I slept on cotton or linen, but the mulberry silk makes a positive difference. Like I said, silk isn't very porous, so it won't soak up the pricey skin-care products on my face, allowing them to really get to work while I sleep. And still, the benefits go on.

The smooth texture of the pillowcase can also help to prevent wrinkles. A pillowcase with little friction like Blissy won't tug on the skin, so you're less likely to get those awkward creases and, in the long run, some very real fine lines that don't just disappear in a few hours. Wrinkles may not be my number one concern at the moment, but every bit of assistance now will help in the future.

Normally, it's taboo to admit you're in a committed relationship with an inanimate object, but my devotion to this pillowcase runs deep. Considering I spend almost all of my time in my studio apartment these days, 50 percent of which is technically my bedroom, I think I deserve to have a little bit of love for something that's too damn good to break up with.

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