We've Made an Executive Decision: Halo Brows Are Out, Bow Brows Are In

As someone who is as obsessed with eyebrows as I am (seriously, it's in my POPSUGAR author bio), I am always on top of the next big trend in eyebrow styling. Thick brows, fishtail brows, thin brows, unicorn brows, halo brows, you name it — I am totally obsessed with anyone who is brave enough to try them. The last few years have seen a crazy amount of attention paid to the jewelry of your face (aka eyebrows), and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Enter bow brows. First shown off by German makeup enthusiast Lisette Scheffler (@beautylizs) earlier this month, the look requires you to fill in your eyebrows with whichever medium you prefer and to create a dainty bow, using the arch of the brow as the tied ends.

"I just saw how all of the brow trends became very popular in the past and thought it would be funny to create my own, and so I came up with the bow brows," said Scheffler in an email interview with POPSUGAR.

To create the bow brows, Scheffler draws the outline with her brow satin pencil by Maybelline and fills it in with short strokes so that it looks like real bows. Then, she explained, she uses her Benefit brow gel to define everything.

Scheffler said that the trend is all about using your imagination with makeup and having fun.

"To be honest, I don't think anyone would leave the house like this, but one girl re-created my bow-brow look and told me that it was really funny. It's all about fun and creativity," she said.