These Braided Brows Are Next-Level Weird, and We're Here for It

Will the people of the internet ever stop messing around with their brows? Probably not, and honestly we're loving the creativity currently in full, weird flow. We are all still a little confused over the whole squiggle brow trend, then came the squiggle lips and eyeliner, and now people are posting photos of plaited brows. Wait, what?!

Most of the photos have been photoshopped, giving the illusion of brows that have been braided, but some people are carefully drawing on the illusion. Others are even sticking wig hair on their brows to plait them (remember brow wigs? They now have another use). It's probably not a look we'll get up half an hour earlier to do midweek, but nevertheless, we're all for it if you want to get it for the 'gram.

The product most of the makeup artists used to create their version of the trend was Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Promade (£15), so if you want to try it out at home, ABH will give you the perfect braided brow.

Some makeup artists are posting their versions of the trend with the caption "stupid trend", but really, we all know we love it and are intrigued every time a new, weird trend circulates social media. Stay weird with your makeup, everyone!