The Grungy "Brow Carving" Trend Takes Instagram Brows to the Next Level

Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist and founding member of Kim Kardashian's glam team, definitively decided that the "Instagram brow" is out. You know the one we mean: severe, boxy arches with ombré tails and a generous application of lighter concealer to highlight around the brow. However, a new take on that old, less-than-flattering style has Instagram makeup artists inspired and us intrigued.

Writers at Allure discovered brow carving, an eye-catching new arch trend that was created by Austin, TX-based makeup artist Alexa Link. Where the edge of that harsh highlight would be on an Instagram brow, Link has created an unorthodox sculpting effect using meticulously blended shadows and liners. The overall look is haute Halloween meets editorial glam.

Of course, a makeup trend this captivating has earned Link some copycats, with many artists transforming Link's concept into their own iterations. We can't wait to see how brow carving evolves! Keep reading to see the unusual and edgy looks.