The Products Camila Mendes Uses After a "15-Hour Day of Clogging Pores" on Riverdale

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"I feel like such an influencer right now," Camila Mendes said at the top her recent beauty tutorial for Vogue. The actress and Riverdale star isn't wrong either: she actually does make a great beauty influencer as she shares practical skincare and makeup tips throughout the course of the 13-minute video.

"Now it's a 15-hour day of clogging pores."

Though she's all about convenience and trying to "minimize the amount of effort," Mendes said her skincare routine has evolved since landing the role of Veronica Lodge. "I haven't always been a skincare girl, but I also never wore that much makeup before Riverdale," she said. "Now I feel this urge to learn more about my skin because I need to compensate for all the makeup that I wear on the set. Obviously, I had good skin when I wasn't clogging my pores, but now it's a 15-hour day of clogging pores. So, I'm learning a lot."

Another skincare side effect of starring in a hit show? The post-crying-scene puffy eyes. "I find that my eyes get really puffy, especially if I'm doing a scene on set where I'm crying a lot or something, I'll wake up the next morning with really puffy eyes. My eyes definitely don't take well to intense crying," Mendes said, adding "I don't think anyone's does."

Fortunately, Mendes has been able to turn to her costar Lili Reinhart for advice. "Lili teaches me a lot," she said, "She teaches me a lot about skin care. She's an expert, so I definitely go to her a lot for advice."

Watch the approachable and informative tutorial ahead, and then check out all the products used by Mendes.

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