Cardi B Just Got 3 New Piercings All in 1 Night — What Have You Been Up To?

Cardi B has spent a lot of her extra time in the last few weeks adding to her collection of tattoos and piercings, and her body art journey continued on Tuesday night. The rapper showed off three new piercings via Instagram on June 16, documenting the process through a series of videos (which you might not want to watch if the thought of needles makes you squeamish).

In the first two videos, Cardi is seen laying back in a chair in her Atlanta home getting two dermal piercings in her chest, adding to the one she had previously. Dermals aren't like traditional piercings that have entry and exit points; when a person gets one of these, a piercer will make a hole in a flat area of the body so that an anchor can be inserted in the middle layer of the skin. You can pretty much get them anywhere, including your face or even your fingers, and they normally look like diamonds or studs that sit on top of the skin. As evidenced by Cardi's reaction throughout the process, it was about as painful as it sounds, but luckily she had her husband, Offset, there to hold her hand. In the next video, she's seen getting a labret piercing in her lower lip area.

These modifications come shortly after Cardi revealed to her fans that she got a brand new tattoo across her back that took her several months to finish before giving her famous peacock tattoo on her right thigh a colorful update.

Even though most states have now reopened their economies after temporarily shutting down to curb the spread of COVID-19, an expert recently told POPSUGAR that it's still a better bet to hold off on getting piercings right now, even if tattoo parlors are open. That said, Georgia, where Cardi B and Offset reside, officially reopened at the beginning of May and deemed it "safe" for workers at these facilities to resume operations. It seems, likely to avoid going to a shop, she had someone come to her home to do the piercings.

Take a look at her new piercings and tattoo ahead.