33 Chic Wedding Nail-Art Ideas to Wear on Your Big Day

If you normally wear nail art, there's a good chance you're already planning your wedding-day nails. If that's the case, you're likely browsing through what feels like endless Pinterest boards titled "wedding nails," hoping that inspiration will find you. If you're worried about your version of "classy wedding nails" not being Instagram worthy but also avoiding manicure ideas you love for fear that they're "too trendy," this is your sign to stop. Your big day is the time for letting your personality shine, expressing yourself, and feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself — wedding nail designs and all.

If nail art makes you happy and fits your personal beauty vibe, go for it. Wedding nails for brides range from sparkly and high shine to trendier manicures with subtle geometric details (like the gorgeous "ice-cube" nail phenomena) — and the list doesn't stop there.

To provide you with some inspiration, we rounded up an array of wedding nail looks from Instagram to get your creative juices flowing. No matter what type of celebration you're having — big or small, traditional or modern — you'll find the perfect wedding-nail design ideas ahead. (And if you can get your bridal party to wear it, even better.)

Wedding Nail Designs: Chrome French Manicure

What do you get when you combine two of the year's biggest trends — the french manicure and chrome finishes — you get the perfect bridal nail look: chrome french tips.

Wedding Nail Designs: Milk Bath Nails

The ever-popular milk bath nail trend is all but primed for brides. All it takes is a pink, milky polish color.

Wedding Nail Designs: Accent Nails

If you prefer to keep it simple, jazz up a classic manicure by adding a bejeweled accent nail.

Wedding Nail Designs: Opal Nails

Opal nails are the easiest way to get the shine of a gemstone without adding additional stones to the manicure.

Wedding Nail Designs: Metallic Nails

Metallic nails don't have to steal the show. If you want a metallic manicure, try softer colors like rose gold and add a negative-space design for a more interesting finish.

Wedding Nail Designs: Bejeweled Accent Nail

Another easy way to add some glamour to your wedding-day manicure? A single bejeweled nail.

Wedding Nail Designs: Bedazzled Nails

Take your bedazzled wedding nails up a notch with an intricate design made of gems — like the ones seen here.

Wedding Nail Designs: Bright Designs

Some people think they have to stay away from color when they're getting married — but that couldn't be further from the truth. Case in point? This bright, multicolored nail design.

Wedding Nail Designs: Reverse Glitter Nails

Instead of going for the glitter French tip, add glitter to the base of your nail for a reverse French effect.

Wedding Nail Designs: French Tips and Lace

These wedding nails incorporate two of our favorite designs — French tips and lace — for an elegant manicure that will stand the test of time.

Wedding Nail Designs: Mini Moons

Similar to Blake Lively's recent mini-moon nails, this nail art makes a subtle, yet eye-catching wedding nail design.

Wedding Nail Designs: Chrome French Tips

Chrome can be both classic and trendy, as evidenced by this manicure. The chrome French tip is a showstopper.

Wedding Nail Designs: Colors and Gems

Get this best-of-both-worlds design by adding gemstones that complement the colors of your wedding manicure.

Wedding Nail Designs: Rose Nails

Add a floral element (and some texture) to create a raised floral design, like the one seen here.

Wedding Nail Designs: Floral Designs

Floral designs add subtle drama to your wedding-day nails. Try popular flowers like daisies, roses, or orchids.

Wedding Nail Designs: Chrome Geometric Designs

These geometric designs play around with a chrome finish for a futuristic wedding manicure.

Wedding Nail Designs: Matte Nails

An easy wedding-day nail look? Matte nails. A matte finish on your manicure can take you from the dance floor to a long honeymoon hike without ever worrying about your nails losing their luster.

Wedding Nail Designs: Lace-Accent Nails

These accent nails mimic the finish of lace. They're perfect if your dress is made of lace.

Wedding Nail Designs: Single-Color Nails

This single-color design uses the colors of a typical French manicure for an opaque pink-based with small white accent heart design.

Wedding Nail Designs: Pastel Nail Art

Incorporate color into your wedding-day nails by using softer versions of your favorite colors. This dotted pastel French tip is the perfect understated (but still colorful) design.

Wedding Nail Designs: Bright Pastel Colors

These baby-blue pastel nails prove that you can incorporate color into your wedding day nails without having them take over your entire look.

Wedding Nail Designs: Gemstone Accents

If you want a bit of understated glamour, try adding gems to a classic monochrome manicure.

Wedding Nail Designs: Marbled Nails

Marble nails are an understated nail design that will never go out of trend. Add a hint of color to take it to the next level.

Wedding Nail Designs: Short Nails

Short nails make extremely elegant wedding nail options. Add a unique design like this textured French tip to the manicure.

Wedding Nail Designs: Negative-Space French Tips

Take the classic French tips nail design up a notch by adding the negative-space nail-art detail.

Wedding Nail Designs: Acrylic Nails

This negative-space wedding acrylic nail design is another easy way to veer away from the typical white French manicure.

Wedding Nail Designs: Black French Tip

Dark nail polishes add an edgy finish to a wedding-day nail design. Try these black French tips for a "wow-factor."

Wedding Nail Designs: Line Detailing

This intricate line nail art adds an elegant touch to classic oval, nude nails.

Wedding Nail Designs: Geometric Designs

Never be afraid of playing up favorite geometric designs on your wedding day. This pink-and-black manicure is proof of how classy the designs can be.

Wedding Nail Designs: Swirled Designs

This swirled nail design will take you from your wedding to your honeymoon and back to real life.

Wedding Nail Designs: Understated Flowers

If you want to add floral designs to your wedding manicure but don't want to go too over the top, try getting the flowers in smaller, more minimal designs.

Wedding Nail Designs: Line Art Designs

These line-art designs make for an easy conversation starter at a wedding.