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Chika Talks Skin Care, Living With PCOS in Inspiring Post

Chika on How PCOS Affected Her Skin and Confidence: "It's Something I Do My Best to Manage"

Up to 12 percent of women of reproductive age are affected by polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. The condition presents a variety of symptoms — such as excess hair growth, oily skin, irregular periods, and insulin resistance — that can take a toll physically and mentally. In an inspiring Instagram post shared to her grid on Tuesday, rapper Chika opened up about her personal experience with PCOS and how it has affected both her skin-care routine and her confidence.

"SKIN APPRECIATION POST: so, i often get praise for my skin accompanied by questions about my routine," Chika wrote. "People say, 'your skin is flawless!' and i always feel like i'm being deceptive by showing the good days without the bad. i want my instagram to challenge the norms of social media and how we show our best moments only."

"My skin was at it's worst last year and it's doing a lot better now that i have a routine that works decently for me."

Chika added that it's important to her to show the good and bad skin days. She also mentioned that a symptom of her PCOS is hirsutism, which results in hair growth on the face, chest, and back. Hirsutism can also result in folliculitis, a skin condition that causes breakouts and hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin. "It's something i do my best to manage, but it's a daaaaaily struggle," she wrote. "I only take photos when i'm not having a flare up. my makeup routine is very specific because certain products make it worse. but my point in sharing is to let other womxn know they are not alone in this trash ass condition lol."

For Chika, her skin has remained her "biggest pain" and "biggest insecurity," but having a steady skin-care routine has helped her to manage her symptoms and feel more confident in herself. "My skin was at it's worst last year and it's doing a lot better now that i have a routine that works decently for me," Chika wrote. "So when you see a clear skin pic, just know i had to work for that and wait months for an opportunity when my skin isn't trying to ruin my life lmao . . . it'll go away eventually. but til then, know that i understand. love y'all."

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