Chlöe's Abstract-Swirl Nails Prove Summer Isn't Over Yet

Chlöe is holding on to the last month of summer with her latest manicure. The musician and actor posted a video of her new set on her Instagram Stories, and her nail-art design expertly combines crystals and the abstract-swirl nail trend for a manicure that can't be missed.

The manicure starts out with a classic beige color as a base, and four of Chlöe's fingers feature an overlapping swirl design in bright, contrasting colors. Her pinky finger, however, is kept a standalone neon-green hue. Then crystals in various colors are added to a few accent fingers, allowing the manicure to also qualify for anther one of the biggest beauty trends of the year: crystal accents.

Abstract nail designs were predicted to be one of the hottest nail trends of summer 2022. "Fun and funky patterns have been trending and are here to stay for a while," Tammy Taylor, celebrity manicurist and brand founder, previously told POPSUGAR. To get the look, try swirls, orbs, blobs, and line work "using your favorite color scheme."

If you're looking for summer-manicure inspiration, make sure to incorporate some of Taylor's tips into your next nail-art design. In the meantime, take a closer look at Chlöe's nails below.

Instagram | chloebailey