Ciara's Groovy Farrah Fawcett Waves Would Make TikTok Very Proud

Ciara is giving a classic '70s hairstyle the 2021 treatment. On April 19, the singer shared a photo of herself with dramatic feathered waves reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett's iconic hair from decades ago. Did Ciara get this trendy tip from TikTok? We think so.

Although Fawcett's layers have been replicated time and time again, this newest resurgence comes courtesy of TikTok users. They're calling the style a "Farrah Fawcett flip," using only a curler, a round brush, and lots of head shaking to achieve the desired look. Most of us don't have a stylist on speed dial, but we can't fault Ciara for wanting assistance from hair expert Kiyah Wright.

No matter how you go about getting the groovy style, just remember to be as full of confidence as your hair is full of volume. That's the key, and Ciara has it figured out.