Cindy Crawford's 2017 Beauty Resolutions Are So Easy, You'll Steal Them For Yourself

Even Cindy Crawford needs to be reminded to practice some serious self-care. Like many of us, the supermodel aims to slow down and take up healthier habits in 2017. She shared her new year's resolutions on Instagram and beauty lovers took note. If it's good enough for Cindy Crawford, these beauty tips are definitely good enough for us.

Read on to see some of the ways the bombshell plans to switch her routine up this year, then check out these tips straight from the model herself.

Catch Up on Beauty Sleep

Cindy understands the importance on getting some shuteye. Check out POPSUGAR's interview with Arianna Huffington about her book, The Sleep Revolution, ($8), which the model's reading in her Instagram image.

Eat Better

POPSUGAR Photography | Lizzie Fuhr

A healthy glow (and gorgeous skin) starts from within. Fuel your body like Cindy by whipping this delicious recipe for your own bowl of turkey chili.

Get Moving

POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim

Tone your body and clear your mind with this 20-minute workout. No equipment is necessary!

POPSUGAR Photography | Rima Brindamour

Laughter is the best medicine. Start your year off in good spirits with these celebrity giggles.